What does Toyota Logo mean ?

Toyota logo has three ovals and according to Toyota the two perpendicular center ovals represent a relationship of mutual trust between the customer and Toyota.  These ovals combine to symbolize the letter “T” for Toyota.  The space in the background implies a global expansion of Toyota’s technology and unlimited potential for the future”

Surprisingly Toyota vehicles were originally sold under the name “Toyoda” !!. because it was founded in 1937 by  Kiichiro Toyoda. However the reason why it was converted from “Toyoda” to “Toyota” is that it was
1-  visually simpler and easy to be written in Japanese as it took only eight brush strokes , adding to this 8 is considered also a lucky number .
2-  It sounded better with two “t”s.
3- Since “Toyoda” literally means fertile rice paddies, changing the name also helped to distance the company from associations with old fashioned farming.

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