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Kick start the new year with healthy breakfast options

With people spending less time in the kitchen and skipping breakfast more than ever, can a hot breakfast be fast, convenient and portable. The truth is, you can prepare a breakfast that is both quick and healthy.

The internet is the fastest growing source of CO2 to the atmoshpere

“The internet is the fastest growing source of CO2 to the atmosphere…it doubled from 2002 to 2006.”

Tips for Preventing Holiday Weight Gain

Holidays provide a good excuse for overindulgence for more than a 60 day period of time to many women. A new study conducted by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) shows that extra weight gained during the holidays accumulates through the years and may be a major contributor to obesity in later life.

Late-night snackers and fast- eaters are more likely to gain weight.

For those people who work night time hours or who wake in the middle of the night to enjoy a midnight snack, this means that you are more likely to become overweight or obese based on your habits alon – Recycle Apple Products

Take My Mac,, is a reCommerce service that allows Apple users to sell and recycle devices in any condition – including all iPhones, Macs, iPads, and iPods.

Consume full-fat milk to reduce your risk of Diabetes!!

A new study that was conduct by a research team at the University of Harvard demonstrated that people who are having more dairy products in their daily diet are associated with lower incidence of Type 2 Diabetes.

A comfortable place where you can stay in harmony with nature…the Treehotel!!

A first of a kind and amazing hotel that consists of a group of wonderfully made rooms designed by a number of the best Swedish designers, this hotel conveys an ecological value as it is built in the midst of a forest instead of having to cut these forests to build a luxurious hotel.

Top 10 Must–have Herbs and Spices

If you’ve ever browsed the herb-and-spice display in your grocery store, you’ve spotted dozens of different seasonings. Each imparts a very distinct flavor and aroma. Which ones you choose depends as much on the foods you’re preparing as on the preferences of you palate

The Eco Friendly Footwear shop, one of a kind shop!!

Planet, Inc. has launched the Eco Friendly Footwear shop on This new Shop represents a conglomeration of all of the eco friendly brands, shoes and accessories that can be found throughout the website.

Homemade Hair Treatment Options

In order to maintain the health and beauty of your hair, it is important to keep hair properly conditioned and hydrated. While there are a large number of treatments available for purchase at drugstores and salons, many hair masks and moisture treatments can be made inexpensively at home. These mixtures provide a more natural means of taking care of your hair.