Parrot AR Drone controlled by iPhone or iPod

The idea of the Parrot AR Drone is to create a performing helicopter with the best of today’s technologies in order to enter a new universe where, mixing video game and the real world is the concept. The parrot drone was built after 4 years of research and development.

The product will enable you to control a flying drone using video streaming form the Drone’s attached two Cameras. It is made in carbon fiber and high resistance material. The device incorporates a Wi-Fi for modem interface with iPhone or iPod.

The first camera is located under the structure and makes the unit capable of measuring its speed and performing stationary flights. Technologies are usually used for professional and military applications have been adapted here to gaming for the first time. The second camera at the front of the Drone broadcasts and streams on the iPhone screen. It streams what the Drone is seeing and views it on the iPhone as if the player was actually riding it.

The Drone uses a 1000mAh battery to fly. It can fly for up to 15 minutes on a charge. A set of games is ready for the Drone and each one is unique. Software developers will be able to use the front camera of the Drone to create Reality games.

The Drone’s software includes functions such as detecting other Drones in flight and detecting positioning markers on the ground.

Some of the demos available now contains, flying a gigantic robot and flying around to avoid shots or piloting around virtual drones and some other multiplayer games.The Parrot Ar Drone will be available next autumn.

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