Game Review: Just Cause 2

Just Cause puts players in the role of a CIA agent who will publicly assassinate people, and generally cause as much chaos as possible. The broad structure of Just Cause is taken from the Grand Theft Auto series.

The game takes place on a Caribbean island. You play as Rico Rodriguez, an amused character who in someway is similar to Antonio Banderas’ mariachi character from Desperado. Rico comes to help overthrow Salvador Mendoza, a corrupt dictator in league with the Montano drug cartel.

Just Cause lets you take control of just about any vehicle you see, including boats, planes, and helicopters, as long as you can get close enough to it. Once you’re behind the wheel, most vehicles have a “stunt position,” which lets you jump onto other nearby vehicles and take control of them or deploy your parachute.

The main mission of taking down Salvador Mendoza is relatively short, you can finish it in 10 hours. Missions are accompanied with checkpoints, if you die in the middle of a mission, you’ll automatically start from the most recent checkpoint rather than from ground zero.

The graphics in Just Cause vary depending upon which system you’re playing it on. The Xbox 360 version is by far the prettiest. The sparkling world has just about every new graphical trick you can think of. Just rotating the camera around will cause you to see some blurring on Rico’s hair. Just Cause has also some fantastic looking environments.

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