Inferno GT2 Corvette Remote Controlled Car

The GT2 is a big 1:8 scale nitro-powered car based on the 7-time IFMAR World Champion Inferno line from Kyosho. Much of the same technology that earned an unprecedented seven World Championships is incorporated into the design of this new on-road Inferno.

The GT2 builds on the popular features of the original GT and adds a number of new features that increase value, durability, user friendliness and speed, not to mention enhancing its unmatched scale appearance. The GT2 is easily capable of 55 mph as the car is equipped out of the box, and speeds upwards of 70 mph or more with slight modifications.

The Inferno GT2 Features 2 Speed Transmission with High Speed Gears. GT2 also includes a big 150cc fuel tank for run time of up to 15 minutes. The tank features a quick-fill spring loaded top, so you can refuel while the engine is running so you can race around until the sun goes down. Powering the IGT2 is a big 4.6cc pull start engine.

A new two-channel radio is included with the GT2. The radio features throttle and steering trim adjustments, dual-rate to simultaneously increase or reduce left and right steering travel, and servo reversing switches for both channels. Stronger standard springs and heavier damping keep the GT2 rolling flat and fast through the corners.

Two vented steel disc brake rotors provide the extra stopping power needed for such a high-performance machine. The IGT2 is almost completely factory assembled. Trained technicians build the car from the ground up, so it’s virtually ready to go right out of the box – even the body is painted, expertly detailed and the decals are installed exactly as you see it on box.

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