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Unlike the conventional belief that computer based tools have nothing to offer in accordance to the appeals of the girls; there are many games that have been developed to provide fun and entertainment options for them. While the games that appeal to boys and men include; skill developing games, hunting games and strategy games, the girls on the other hand are looking for sheer fun when sifting through the online world options. Understanding this need, the internet games developers have crafted games to attract this niche. This approach proved to be successful as the frequency of young girls as gamers is augmenting in the virtual world of gaming.

Some of the most popular games amongst the girls across the world include the ones which encompass the story lines from the renowned characters of the animated movies, dolls or even comics. The most famous example for these is Barbie and Bratz, which almost every girl has heard of. While the gaming manufacturers only had to offer card games to console the little girls initially, the respective game industry has scrutinized their approaches towards the needs of this niche to develop games according to the hobbies of the girls in the recent era. Diverting from the games collection that was restricted to scrabble, monopoly and other such options, the game developers crafted the storylines in accordance to fantasy characters and novels etc.

The online games are a potential channel of recreational activities for the young girls of varying regions across the globe, which allows them to spend quality time when surfing the world of internet, as they can better relate with the gaming options now. The boys are interested in games in order to compete against the other players and defeat them by scoring more points, which is not why the girls opt for games. Rather, the intention of the girls when playing games is absolute entertainment. For example, the Bratz and Barbie games are developed around the characters, who are fashion conscious icon dolls, popular amongst the girls worldwide. Such games allow options as selecting clothes and accessories to the girls, for their favorite virtual dolls according to their daily regimes and revamp their looks by indulging in activities like washing hair, drying them, adorning the dolls etc.

The options to girls’ games in the virtual world are virtually limitless and include baking games to chef games, makeup to mystery and much more. Another very popular game amongst the girls in the recent era is the avatar Sue, who aids in developing the grooming skills of the players with the help of hairdos and makeup techniques. Moreover, the players can save their results on the game server or portals to share it with their friends and family later on.

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