Privacy in a world of social networks ! is your life private anymore ?

People are different in the way they expose them selves to the outside world ; some like to share nearly everything , others are consirvative in what they share . But with this social networks revuolution are we aware on whats happening to our lives ? do you really think that by using facebook , twitter , my space and thousands others you are still that person under the hod ? not any more really . You might not notice but social networks though very usful when first started specially for friends and family members who live a part  in different countries, but now it is taking  out your praviacy gradually and with our approval of course !
When sharing is scaring ?!
When you share every little part and detail of your life with open profile for anyone to view online you might be in big danger .
When sharing is useful ?
when you read a usful article ( like this one ) and you would like your friends to benifit from it its then good to share , because your friend might also recommend ( or share ) this peice of information with other friends . And in a world of connected people we end up with sharing the most useful articles with in seconds and thats a very useful way in using social networks .
We share what we like , we are what we like :
If you are interested in hourse , you will read about hourse and house racing timings and probably hourse riding accessories . If you share this bit of information while surfing people will know that you like hourse riding . And this applies for many things . Sharing articles applies on products , news , books and almost anything on the net .
So what the best way to use social networks ?
these are the simple rules in using social networks , that we hope will help you get the best out of it .
1- keep your profile in facebook or twitter private , that is , only people you allow to veiw will be able to view it .

This is the fist thing you must do if you want to be safe on the internet and keep your personal information personal.
2- Only add or accept people whom you know.
remember its not about the quantity its about the quality plus why would you socialized with someone you dont really know for sure they exsist !
3- Select what you want to share , remember its there for ever .
be selective on the things you want to share , weather its your status update , pictures , notes or even home address . Don’t post things that you would regret on later like offinsive pictures or words . because when you become older you will regret having posted these things .
4- Dont confuse your self with hundreds of social networks , you don’t have to have all . Every day something new comes up, but do you have to be there everywhere ? well i would recomment twitter or facebook ,they are the most common for personal and buisness use .

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