iQibla a GPS qibla finder

iQibla uses the latest GPS technology to locate the Qibla and give you accurate prayer times from anywhere on earth.

By determining your exact location on earth using GPS makes this device the most accurate Qibla finder on the market. GPS technology means you do not have to enter your location, iQibla will find you!

Whether you’re a worldwide traveller or just out and about locally, have the confidence you are praying at the correct time and in the correct direction.

Ummahlife played a crucial advisory role to Navin Corp in the development of this product. The Ummahlife team also provided the name and logo for the iQibla. This product comes very highly recommended by us.

Don’t leave home without your iQibla!

Using latest GPS technology, iQibla works globally, under all weather condition, 24/7. It is an indispensable tool for ‘Today’s Muslim On The Go’

High quality, modern design and easy to use. The small key chain size makes it easy to carry around. No bulky device to keep in your pocket. No complicated set-up or software downloads required.
Key Features

Keychain size
Display Qibla direction using GPS technology
Display accurate prayer times using GPS technology
Prayer time reminder
GPS synchronised clock
Digital compass
GPS postion finder
Low power consumption
All this and much more..

Light weight 42g
Small size 73mm L x 35mm x 17mm H

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