Researchers developed a glass that can tolerate high temperatures

German scientists have announced that they had manufactured a new type of transparent and thin glass that can tolerate very high temperatures, this type of glass has been developed at the Fraunhover Institute for surfaces and layers technology using layers of microscopic crystals, which is known as Nano Technology.

Researchers say that these layers are manufactured from the compound, Indium trioxide, they have been cooled in a very slow way, and are characterized by high transparency and electrical conductivity.

This new type of glass will be used for the manufacture of the front glass of cars as it allows the driver to have very clear vision and prevents the formation of ice layers thanks to the electrical conductivity which will continuously warm the glass.

It is mentioned that this technique was previously used but the glass layer was made of Zinc Oxide, but it had two defects: nontransparent and breakable.

Bernard Shiska, from Fraunhover Institute mentioned that the new layer is strong enough to tolerate a temperature up to 900 degree Celsius and it remains the same even if the man tried to bend it. This layer is also anti corrosion or scratch and characterized by high transparency as it allows 80% of light to pass.

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