Makka Clock, surpasses the Big Ben and competes with Greenish Time

At the beginning of the last Ramadan, the trial operation of Makka Clock started. This clock is built on a tower that is a part of one of the world’s tallest hotels, it consists of 76 floors, 858 hotel rooms, plus number of hotel accommodation, its height is 577 meters.
About this giant project, the vice president and the General Manager of Makka Clock Tower Royal Hotel, Mohammad Al Arkobi, said that it is one of the most important projects and developments that the Vermont Group is expecting, and for which the group intend to employ 2600 employees before its opening, during the current year, to serve the giant hotel complex in the blessed city of Makka.

As for the clock of Makka tower, it is 40 meters high, therefore it will be five times taller than the famous Big Ben clock tower in London, and it will regulate and set the daily prayer timings of Muslims all over the world.

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