A new device helps Blind people to move between cities

Russian researchers, at the Scientific Institute in Saint Peters burg city, have announced that they have developed a special device which helps blind people move in the city’s streets safely, as it informs the blind through vocal direction with the locations of transportation, shopping, public institutions, etc.
This device is a small plastic box connected with a headset, it has send and receive system that converts the written headlines of places into heard language which the blind can hear from 15-20 meter away from the targeted place.
In order for the device to operate, a specific sending spots must be fixed, to communicate with the device, in the public places, hospitals, bus stations, so that the needed information can be passed to the receiver.
About this device, the innovator engineers said that “tests have proved the effectiveness and convenience of this device to the blind’s needs, as it will provide comfort and safe by not having to ask for help from anybody and they will be able to easily identify the place they are in.
Despite the importance and effectiveness of this device, the high manufacturing cost may prevent the implementation of this idea at the present time, especially that blind people are not financially able to fund this project.

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About the Author: A Scientific writer, Member of the Arab Science Journalists Association, Specialized in Engineering of chemical Industries Technology .