A new Electronic device warns drivers when they feel drowsiness while driving

Researchers, at the Carlos III University in Madrid, innovated a technology to warn drivers when their vehicles are deviated or when they lose control with their cars as a result of feeling drowsiness.
This system warns the driver when his mind is scattered or when he feels drowsiness while driving. Professor Jose Maria Armingol, the supervisor of the new warning system innovation team, clarifies that this system is based on what is called “the right path” where a video camera is placed on the control and measurement board in front of the driver, this camera is connected to an electronic alarm system that counts the number of times the driver closes his eyes and the width of the eye opening. When the driver starts drowsiness, the systems sends a warning signal to the driver to stop driving and warns him against the surrounding dangers.
The research team announced that this system is very important for the drivers who spend long hours driving their vehicles especially truck, buses and taxi drivers.

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