The discovery of billions of earth size planets in the milky way galaxy


A research team at the University of California in Berkeley announced that they have discovered billions of earth size planets in the milky way galaxy. Studies conducted by the team and commissioned by NASA showed that there is one star among every four stars resembles our sun in our galaxy, these stars are surrounded by planets which are similar to earth in size.
Conclusions of this study were recently posted in the famous Science Magazine, one of the authors of the study at the University of California, the Astronomer Geoff Marcy, commented on this discovery saying that these conclusions are the fruit of years of planets watching, the data we have collected shows us that our galaxy which includes about 200 billion stars has at least 46 billion earth size planets, not to mention planets whose orbits are far away from their star in the very hot or very cold areas where liquid water can be found.
These conclusions were reached after the use of W. M Keck Observatory in Hawaii, where 166 stars were observed for five years within the beam of 80 light years, the research team have studied enormous number of planets whose sizes ranging from a thousand double the earth size to similar earth size, this precise study showed that the number of small planets is more than that of large planets in the Milky way galaxy.

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