Mercedes BioMe car’s design is derived from the nature


The Mercedes Benz company has recently uncovered a new type of cars under development, which the manufacturers have inspired its design from nature. This car will have a revolutionary design in every sense of the world and will be the undisputed future car.

The new car, which was given the name Mercedes biome, was manufactured from Bio Fibers and will not exceed 394 kgs weight, this material is much lighter than plastic or minerals but very strong and can tolerate strong impacts.

The material of Bio fiber, or what is known as Bio Fibers, is produced from the Nucleic acid and it can collect and store the solar power in the form of liquid chemical compounds known as Bio Nectar 4334, this compound was used in the manufacture of the outer and inner skeleton and tyres of the vehicle.

About the production of this car, the head of the department of advanced designs studies in the Mercedes Benz in Carlssband Hubert, said: “as inventors of the car with the engine, we wanted to exhibit the vision of the future car that has no flawless, it grows and thrive like a tree leaves”.
The manufacturing company provided no further details about this car.

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About the Author: A Scientific writer, Member of the Arab Science Journalists Association, Specialized in Engineering of chemical Industries Technology .