Be careful, wicked softwares can overcome search engines

Search engines users face the possibility of exposing their computers to the wicked softwares that can hide under searched internet pages that the search engines users are looking for, the Giant Google Corporation paid attention to these softwares by analyzing the contents of pages and discovering the wicked codes that may be present there. therefore, the Google search engine warns the user that the page he is looking for may harm his computer.

However, the designers of those softwares tried to overcome search engines through re-directing the user to other pages that were not discovered by the engine or recognized as having wicked or harmful codes.

This matter led the Google Corporation to announce the presence of such harmful pages and that it is developing means to identify it and prevent the process of re-directing the user which may cause great damage to his computer.

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About the Author: A Scientific writer, Member of the Arab Science Journalists Association, Specialized in Engineering of chemical Industries Technology .