New Hybrid Google Drive App

Google recently announced that Google Documents can store any type of file, up to 10GB in size. Syncdocs takes full advantage of this fast, reliable Google storage – it keeps PC folders synchronized with Google Docs and with other users.

Google Docs is simply the G-Drive. Folders across multiple PCs and mobile devices just stay in sync automatically. Anything saved to these folders is automatically mirrored online and across all linked PCs.

In addition to providing sync and online backup, Google Docs are available right from the user’s Windows desktop. This means that Microsoft Office is no longer necessary to open or create Word or Excel files on the PC.

“Syncdocs gives you the freedom to access their data where you want, in the you want it” said Donald Recsei, Syncdocs’ product manager. “For example, with Syncdocs and Google Docs, its really easy to collaborate between desktop Office users, and sales staff in the field on iPhones”.

The full version of Syncdocs is free, users are only charged when syncing a large number of files. The free download of the latest version of Syncdocs is available at

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