Kickstarter Campaign Launches for Book #2 in Best-Selling Series for Middle-Grade Readers


Based upon the success of his first novel, Sage Carrington, Eighth-Grade Science Sleuth, author Justin Scott Parr has today launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $35,000 to produce the second novel in the series. The Kickstarter campaign will run through June 23, 2013 and seeks to extend the popular series featuring tween-age Sage Carrington, an amateur sleuth who solves mysteries by using science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).

Published in 2012, the first novel in the series chronicles 12-year-old Sage who, along with her best friend Isabel Flores, discovers an antique map which leads the pair on a treasure-seeking adventure across historic Washington, DC. Sage is an avid baseball fan who loves science and nature. She also spends as much time as possible with her closest friend Isabel – so close in fact that they share clothes, jewelry and even shoes.

Parr’s inspiration for creating Sage Carrington is his 9-year-old cousin, Destiny. While in search of books featuring characters relatable to Destiny’s appearance and interests, Parr was shocked to discover few suitable stories in the middle-grade market. As a result, he began writing books to capture the adventure, history and knowledge that he discovered in his travels around the world. “I decided to write stories that Destiny would like and that I would have also read as a child. It’s important for children to engage with characters who look like themselves and who are honest, balanced and intelligent,” says Parr.

With the support of backers from our Kickstarter campaign, this second Sage Carrington novel will be released in late 2013. Learn more about the Kickstarter campaign by visiting or visit the Kickstarter page directly. Sage Carrington, Eighth-Grade Science Sleuth is published by GumshoePress and is available at

About Justin Scott Parr
Justin Scott Parr was born and raised in Greensboro, NC. An adventurer at heart, he imparts his love of “the journey” into each Sage Carrington tale. After embarking on his first international travel to the Nile Valley of Africa, a deep historical curiosity was awakened and his life changed forever. Since then, he’s accumulated wisdom from a myriad of travel experiences which he wants to pass on to children so they can learn about the various cultures of the world. Parr currently resides in New York City.

About GumshoePress
Headquartered in New York City, GumshoePress fills a void in children’s fiction. Their aim is to engage, entertain, and empower young minds by publishing positive, enriching tales featuring a diverse spectrum of characters who live beyond stereotypes. They publish stories which weave science, travel, history and principled-living into adventures parents approve, teachers value and kids love. For more information, visit


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