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For the first time in the world, a mobile phone has four SIM Cards

The Chinese OTECH Company has announced that they have innovated the first mobile phone in the world that can operate four SIM Cards at the same time, they have given it the name OTECH F1

Early warning system in the beetle

In this article we are going to see how German scientists had learned from the beetles how to make an early warning system to detect fires, the black beetle can detect the fire 80 kilometer away. Let us read….

By 2060, the temperature of the Earth will rise 4 degrees

Coinciding with the annual UN talks about the climate in Mexico which has started the last Monday, a study about the scientists’ expectations for the Earth’s temperature during this century was published.

Mercedes BioMe car’s design is derived from the nature

The Mercedes Benz company has recently uncovered a new type of cars under development, which the manufacturers have inspired its design from nature. This car will have a revolutionary design in every sense of the world and will be the undisputed future car.

Again, an Australian study demonstrates the benefits of garlic in the treatment of blood pressure

A study by a group of Australian researchers that was recently posted in the Scientific Maturitas Periodical Magazine confirmed that eating garlic greatly participates in limiting risks of Hypertension, this result confirmed what is common about garlic in the past that it has positive and effective results on Hypertension patients.

The discovery of billions of earth size planets in the milky way galaxy

A research team at the University of California in Berkeley announced that they have discovered billions of earth size planets in the milky way galaxy. Studies conducted by the team and commissioned by NASA showed that there is one star among every four stars resembles our sun in our galaxy, these stars are surrounded by planets which are similar to earth in size.

The blue whale

Blue whales are the largest animals ever known to have lived on Earth. These magnificent marine mammals rule the oceans at up to 100 feet ….

The miracle of water

In the following picture we will see how Allah be He exalted drives the water cycle, the Qur’an talked very precisely about these facts…

Shains Recycled Fashion Accessories

Shains are recycled accessories that encourage and empower people to make their own statements and change them whenever they want! Shainsware, the company, is dedicated to producing eco-friendly products that are useful and empowering. They donate a percentage of net profits to environmental organizations.

From Estonia to Poland – one of Europe’s largest predators relocated for survival

Warsaw – WWF plans to introduce lynx from Estonia into the Polish forests of Piska and Napiwodzko-Ramuckie in order to combat the declining population in the country. The first felines should be relocated by February 2011.