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Dragonflies Use Movement as Camouflage

Scientists are astonished from the amazing camouflage of that little insect when attacking its victim ….

The smallest car in the world weights 59 kg

The Peel car is considered the smallest and the cheapest car in the world, it was made in 1960 and undergone modifications until 1965.

A beetle won the title of the strongest bug in the world

The dung beetle, Onthophagus Taurus, is considered the strongest bug in the world, scientists concluded this result after exposing this bug to hard experiments where it was verified that this bug is able to pull a weight surpassing its weight by 1141 times.

A new mobile from Samsung works for 67 days without having to charge it

Samsung company has announced their manufacturing of a mobile named E2370, characterized by battery’s high power, as it doesn’t have to be charged every day or two days as common, but can work as long as 67 days without having to charge it.

Economic, healthy and weight reducing protein source

Legumes are economical to the pocket, and no one can deny their healthful benefits of oil, vitamins, calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, phosphorus, and potassium.

The unseen miracles: Stress Makes Hair Go Gray

The most recent studies confirm that the huge psychological pressure affect the hair and makes it gray, Allah almighty tells us that hair of people at day of resurrection will become gray ….

Does microwave cooking destroy vitamins??

The destruction of vitamins and other sensitive nutrients in foods depends on two major factors:
The temperature or heat treatment
The time of cooking

A new hope for diabetes: the Frog skin

Allah be He blessed and exalted had exploited many creatures to serve human as He almighty didn’t create anything without a purpose ….

What is the Morning Banana Diet?

The morning banana diet firstly appeared in Japan and now it gains wide popularity in the USA and the rest of the world.

A British company has designed a Plane submarine to explore the depths of the oceans

The Virgin Atlantic Company has announced their design for a plane submarine which can dive under water and make trips to areas deep under the sea.