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Technical Name: (Allium sativum) Fresh or dried pieces of the garlic bulb, Used for: Common cold, sore throat, ear infections in children, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, fungal or yeast infections, chronic or recurrent infections, low resistance to infection; it is a natural antibiotic and antiviral agent.

Zoo’s first newborn of 2011 is less than a gram !!!

Look at this strange little gecko of the San Diego Zoo, it has a leaf like tail and two tiny horns over his eyes, thus it was given the name “Satanic leaf tailed gecko”.

Aloe vera

Technical Name: (Aloe vera) Gel extracted from the inside of aloe leaves. Aloe vera is a succulent plant from Africa widely grown as an ornamental in warm regions, and as an indoor houseplant throughout the world.


Technical Name: (Zingiber officinale) Fresh or dried pieces of the underground stem of the ginger plant
Used for: Arthritis, bursitis; motion sickness, nausea; relief of chest congestion; it is a natural anti-inflammatory agent.

Fennel Seed

A number of herbs, called carminatives, help expel gas from the intestinal tract. One of the most effective and easiest to get is fennel seed

A very distinguished and beautiful bird: the Blue-footed booby

This blue-footed bird is one of the most beautiful and colorful birds of the Galapagos in Ecuador, where half of the world’s breeding birds are located.

Baim: the story of a rescued baby orangutan in the Heart of Borneo

Baim has precious little in common with his Indonesian celebrity namesake. He is tiny—less than two feet stretched end to end—and weighs scarcely more than the cardboard box that he clutches at with desperation

The owl tree

One of the most weird creepiest trees in the world, located in Parque das Nações, Lisbon, Portugal, once you look at it, you imagine demonic owl or angry alligator. In reality, it’s a birch tree.

The first appearance of the red fox since 1920

The Sierra Nevada red fox makes an exciting appearance in California, the last seen of this type of fox was in 1920s.

Top 10 Must–have Herbs and Spices

If you’ve ever browsed the herb-and-spice display in your grocery store, you’ve spotted dozens of different seasonings. Each imparts a very distinct flavor and aroma. Which ones you choose depends as much on the foods you’re preparing as on the preferences of you palate