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2014 Chevy Cruze Diesel “cleanly” captures diesel car crown

What comes to mind when you hear the word “diesel”? Large trucks, farm and construction equipment, and maybe some of us think about small foreign cars. But when we go to the pump we never lift up the diesel nozzle, that stuff doesn’t go into cars, why would we need it? Diesel is actually an […]

SolaRoad, a new Dutch innovation

SOLAROAD, which will be soon implemented in a small town in Northern Holland, is an innovation of a Dutch engineer, it is a cycling path made of concrete with embedded solar cells covered by toughened glass surface

A wheel chair for people with physical disabilities can be controlled by the brain

Researchers from Switzerland innovated a moving chair for people with physical disabilities that can be controlled by ideas from the brain, as the built in computer system in the chair responds to the brainwaves.

A Swiss company innovates the world’s first clock with Hijri Calendar

A Swiss company has announced that it has produced the world’s first clock with Hijri (Islamic) calendar which depends on the moon cycle in the sky.

Researchers made light bulbs that last for 25 years

The Daily Mail Newspaper mentioned that researchers manufactured Environment-friendly light bulb that lasts for 25 years without damage, the price of this bulb is about 50 US Dollars.

A new Electronic device warns drivers when they feel drowsiness while driving

Researchers, at the Carlos III University in Madrid, innovated a technology to warn drivers when their vehicles are deviated or when they lose control with their cars as a result of feeling drowsiness.

A new device helps Blind people to move between cities

Russian researchers, at the Scientific Institute in Saint Peters burg city, have announced that they have developed a special device which helps blind people move in the city’s streets safely,

Makka Clock, surpasses the Big Ben and competes with Greenish Time

At the beginning of the last Ramadan, the trial operation of Makka Clock started. This clock is built on a tower that is a part of one of the world’s tallest hotels, it consists of 76 floors, 858 hotel rooms, plus number of hotel accommodation, its height is 577 meters.

A Tunisian Inventor invents an electronic rug to calculate numbers of prayer units

In order to overcome the problem of forgetfulness while praying, the Tunisian, Hamadi Al Abyad, invented an electronic rug that can calculate the number of the prayer units (raka’a) that the prayer performs where it can document all prostrations he did while praying.

Artificial hand with superior abilities

The designer, Phill Newman, has announced that he designed an artificial hand with superior abilities that mimics the human hand, and he called it “Touch Bionics I-Limb Pulse”, this hand can carry a weight of 90 kg.