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New Hybrid Google Drive App

Google recently announced that Google Documents can store any type of file, up to 10GB in size. Syncdocs takes full advantage of this fast, reliable Google storage – it keeps PC folders synchronized with Google Docs and with other users. Google Docs is simply the G-Drive. Folders across multiple PCs and mobile devices just stay […]

Seesmic Mobile update to Android, Windows Phone 7

Seesmic is a San Francisco based startup company that develops social networking clients for sites like Twitter and Facebook that run on the web, mobile devices, and the desktop. It started as a video blogging website, its original aim was to make video uploading from webcams easier to promote online video conversations. Seesmic made its […]

The internet is the fastest growing source of CO2 to the atmoshpere

“The internet is the fastest growing source of CO2 to the atmosphere…it doubled from 2002 to 2006.”

Save the one and only planet while searching the internet!!

Every time you search with Ecosia 80% of the revenue generated gets sent to WWF’s Tumucumaque project in the Amazon, which is the world’s largest tropical forest reserve and One of the most bio-diverse regions in the world.

Be careful, wicked softwares can overcome search engines

Search engines users face the possibility of exposing their computers to the wicked softwares that can hide under searched internet pages that the search engines users are looking for, the Giant Google Corporation paid attention to these softwares by analyzing the contents of pages and discovering the wicked codes that may be present there

Earn more than $20,000 A Month Online

What is Auto Traffic Monopoly? just click on the link below  This is a software that use a gap in the affiliate market, to help anyone who want to be an affiliate marketer. This software is available to the public this tuesday november 23rd and was created by Andrew Wallace. Affiliate marketing is more […]

Soon, Yahoo develops its electronic mail

The Yahoo Company administration uncovered their intention to develop the mail service soon, as email users can access Face book and Twitter without having to sign-out of their Yahoo emails.

The importance of F11 key in Internet browsers

The F11 key on the computer keyboard is one of the important keys which many of the browsers’ designers use to view the full page in a computer screen.

Yoono software enables you to follow up with different social networks in one page

We all face difficulties as we continuously follow up our different social networks, which we use to connect with others on the internet, the most important of these networks are face book, flicker, twitter and others. To overcome this difficulty, Yoono website provides an ideal solution through its wonderful program, which you can upload from […]

Microsoft launches Internet Explorer 9 Beta browser

In a press conference held in San Fransisco in the state of California the last Wednesday, Microsoft Corporation has announced their launching of a new version of the electronic browsing of the internet program (Explorer 9 Beta) which was given the abbreviation IE9. substantial modifications have been done on the last version of this browser, which is considered one of the oldest internet browsers.