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Amazon Launches Kindle for the Web  today introduced the beta version of “Kindle for the Web,” making it even easier for customers to discover new books and authors by sampling Kindle books directly through web browsers–no installation or downloading required. Amazon is also inviting bloggers and website owners who are participants in the Amazon Associates Program to be part of […]

Twitter for iPad: Sharing content in Tweets

Today Twitter Blog has announced Twitter for ipad ! ” Twitter for iPad takes advantage of the iPad’s fluid touch interface, letting you move lots of information around smoothly and quickly – without needing to open and close windows or click buttons. ”

Apple Introduces iTunes 10 With Ping

Apple has introduced iTunes 10 with Ping, a new music-oriented social network for following your favorite artists and friends to discover what music they’re talking about, listening to and downloading. iTunes Ping lets you post your thoughts and opinions, your favorite albums and songs, the music you’ve downloaded from iTunes, plus view concert listings and tell your friends which concerts you plan to attend. iTunes 10 also features HD TV show rentals* for just 99 cents an episode and AirPlay wireless music playback

Skype Connect 1.0 Officially Launched

Skype today announced the official launch of Skype Connect 1.0 (formerly Skype for SIP). Previously available in beta, Skype Connect delivers a business solution that enables IP-enabled private branch exchange (PBX) or Unified Communications (UC) systems to connect to Skype. By using Skype Connect, businesses can now: Make outbound calls from desktop phones to landlines […]

Convert Web pages to PDF

Web 2 PDF converter is an online tool to convert web pages to PDF.

Information, people and products on the internet are they verified?

Information Nowadays anyone can post anything on the internet , weather its true or not , it’s very easy . Unlike the old days when most of the information we got was from books( that doesnt mean that many books had a lot of crap in them ) but at least it was harder to […]

Privacy in a world of social networks ! is your life private anymore ?

People are different in the way they expose them selves to the outside world ; some like to share nearly everything , others are consirvative in what they share . But with this social networks revuolution are we aware on whats happening to our lives ? do you really think that by using facebook , twitter , […]

A very nice website to view world cup updates

For those who are confused on what’s happening in world cup here is a very cool website that views the current matches by country , groups and dates .

Find volunteer opportunities in your community and share them with your friends

All For Good – A service, developed by Google and other technology companies, that helps people find volunteer opportunities in their community and share them with their friends. All for Good provides a single search interface for volunteer activities across many major volunteering sites and organizations. I think it’s a great way to give back […]

Sketch Swap You draw an image to get another random image back .