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Google adds virtual keyboards in its search

Yesterday google announced a new addition to its search capabilities by adding a virtual keyboard next to the search field . Which means if you don’t have a keyboard , or your keyboard isn’t working or  suppose you are using a computer that doesn’t support your language . You can easily type with the mouse […]

Earth view now available in Google Maps

Starting today, Google Maps features a new, immersive experience for its hundreds of millions of users worldwide: Earth view. Google Maps users can now swoop down from space to explore their favorite parts of the planet in 3D.  Earth view offers a true three-dimensional perspective which lets users experience mountains in full detail, 3D buildings, […] Unveils “3D 101” Customer Education Center, Inc. today unveiled a new customer education center, Amazon 3D 101 (, a one-stop information and shopping destination for all things 3D. Amazon 3D 101 provides customers with centralized, easy-to-understand information and offers a lineup of 3D-related products, including 3D capable HDTVs, projectors, monitors, Blu-ray players and movies, gaming consoles and games, laptops and […]

YMH Digital Music Publishing Launches Online Book Viewer for Digital Lesson Books

YMH Digital Music Publishing, a joint venture including Yamaha, the world’s largest musical instrument manufacturer, Music Sales Ltd. and Hal Leonard, the world’s two largest printed music publishers, has developed a new online book viewer designed specifically for digital lesson books. This innovative new online book viewer, developed with technology from VCAB Ltd to use […]

Find people you might want to follow in Twitter

The latest applications in google labs is some thing called ” follow finder ”  were you will be able to find people that you might want to follow . check it out !

Sahaba Media

Sahaba Media is a unique design house specialized in advanced multimedia development dedicated to design and develop human awareness projects, especially those related to Islamic teachings. Sahaba Media’s projects are free and open to the public, all accessible through the world wide web. The people behind Sahaba Media aim to target areas which lack multimedia […]

Virtual Music keyboard

This web application enables you to play with 9 music instruments a piano , organ , flute , pan pipes , guitar , drums and more . very simple and entertaining application , Enjoy playing !

AOL Gives Consumers Their Lifestream

Yesterday AOL announced that its popular social aggregator, Lifestream, will now be available via desktop as a standalone product as well as on the iPhone and Android mobile platforms.  Lifestream allows users to view status messages and posts from their friends on Facebook, Twitter, Digg, YouTube and much more – all in one place.  In […]

Hide your Face in Facebook

Facebook is big and getting bigger with over 300 million active users of which over 50% are active every day. If you are using Facebook, Twitter and other social-networking sites, then you need to be aware of the risks that you are likely to encounter and know how to avoid them and defend yourself over […]

Video game consoles

Consollection is a website that gathers all the video game consoles , some of the consoles they have are from the seventies and eighties  .  The website  displays the consoles by images and when you click on them you can see a full description about it . Visit the website you may see one of your old  consoles .