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Presence of more than one anti virus harms the computer device

Some computer users might believe that the presence of more than one anti virus will have positive effect on increasing the protection of computer against virus and other harmful software attacks.

One hour of sun will charge an iPod for three hours

Ekotribe Launches Stand-Alone Solar Chargers from Voltaic Systems
One hour of sun will charge an iPod for three hours

World’s first ipad stand with built-in battery

HyperMac Stand is one of these accessories you must have for your ipad .  The stand it self can serve you in different ways , you can set it up horizontally to watch a movie , or tilt it a bit to type . It supports apple ipad case so you don’t have to worry about the hassle of […]

The importance of F11 key in Internet browsers

The F11 key on the computer keyboard is one of the important keys which many of the browsers’ designers use to view the full page in a computer screen.

Micro flash memory with 32 GB storage capacity

Flash memories are one of the most important computer accessories used by all computer users to move and save their data, pictures, video and audio files.

Quran and Call to prayer “Adhan” automatically played software, even if you are not in the room.

A perfect software for reading and listening to the Quran by large number of famous readers, you can make it automatically played in a specific time to read Quran or call for prayer according to your country or city.

The Quran Reading Pen

Amazing breakthrough technology. Select and listen to the recitation of the Holy Quran through the pen. Choice of beautiful recitations by Sheikh Abdur Rahman Al Sudais or Sheikh Ahmad Al Ajmi. An excellent must have tool for those learning to read the Holy Quran.

Say Good bye to the traditional food menus in restaurants

The Light Blue Optics Company had exhibited a device that shows food and drink menus in restaurants, this menu appear on the customer’s table, as soon as he points or touches what he sees in the screen, his order is delivered to the meal preparation department to be immediately delivered to him.

Yoono software enables you to follow up with different social networks in one page

We all face difficulties as we continuously follow up our different social networks, which we use to connect with others on the internet, the most important of these networks are face book, flicker, twitter and others. To overcome this difficulty, Yoono website provides an ideal solution through its wonderful program, which you can upload from […]

OtterBox Celebrates Great Moments in Pink History

Fort Collins, COLO. – For more than a decade, the color pink has signified a recognition and awareness of the impact that breast cancer has on millions of lives every day. In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October,OtterBox® would like to celebrate a century of great moments in pink history: 1919 – Pepto-Bismol®, aka […]