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LEGO security bracelet

Everybody’s kids have a tendency to wander out of site from time to time, so the folks over at LEGO have designed a bracelet which will help you to relax by allowing you to track your kids wherever they go. Your kids will actually like this security device, since the Lego makeover makes the device […]

Newsmy MP3 Doll

Gadgets are making their way into everyone’s lives, including younger children. The Newsmy MP3 Dolls are geared towards the younger audience, providing music, reading stories and speaking to small children, providing them the comfort of a voice or music when you’re not able to give them the direct attention they want. These dolls are marketed […]

EyeClops Night Vision 2.0

Jakks Pacific EyeClops Night Vision 2.0 is the great gadget to be used in nighttime or in minimal light environment. The infra-red night vision set up allows the wearer to see in total darkness for up to 50 feet. The producer claims the new goggles are more comfortable to wear and now allow the wearer […]

USB Missile Launcher

It’s been a while since a USB toy excited us as much as these compressed-air darts. The USB-powered darts come in a set of three, are Mac and PC-compatible, and can be controlled via a mouse. Defend your office or cubicle with our computer-controlled USB Missile Launcher. USB Missile Launcher is the Ultimate Desk Toy […]

USB Microscopes

Science is officially cool again – the television told us, so it must be true and these USB Microscopes might just be the coolest geek gadgets we’ve had land on our desk. They’re really easy to install and even easier to use. Plug them in and the nifty viewing software brings the image up on […]

USB Chameleon

The USB Chameleon is a bizarrely loveable desk buddy. Pop him on your computer screen, plug him into a spare USB port, and watch as he randomly rolls his eyeballs in opposite directions, and sticks his tongue out to catch passing flies. Utterly pointless, endlessly diverting. Features: •USB powered chameleon desk figure. •Pop him on […]

R2D2 USB Hub

Your desktop has been taken over by Imperial USB devices and you just don’t have enough ports to keep everything you need hooked up to the computer. Who comes to your rescue? As always it’s the beeping space age washing machine with attitude, and more uses than a Swiss Army Knife, and now to add […]

Force Trainer

Exclusively on Have you ever tried to move objects using nothing but your mind power? Who didn’t?! With all the fiction on the subject; all of us must have tried this once or twice before. Just to make sure that we are not wasting any hidden powers we might posses. Good news for your next […]

Pleo Dinosaur…a dinosaur toy

Exclusively on For the past couple of decades, kids’ toys have emerged notably from battery powered Plastic objects that may resemble a car or other figures which, ultimately demonstrated the ability to move around and avoid obstacles, into a more smart and interactive devices.  What current children are being offered right now is simply […]

Hellooo – anybody home?

Micky Mouse desk telephone is just a piece of art . It’s a very classy phone that could be placed in a classy corner . It doesn’t only rings, micky talks too ! “Hellooo – anybody home?” “Gee, I wonder who is it !”