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Sony Creates Immersive Musical Experience with New MDR-1 Headphones

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Mozambique creates Africa’s largest coastal marine reserve

The Primeiras and Segundas have been approved as a marine protected area in Mozambique making this diverse ten-island archipelago Africa’s largest coastal marine reserve. Comprising ten islands off the coast of northern Mozambique, and featuring abundant coral and marine turtle species, the protected area will cover more than 1,040,926 hectares. WWF has worked for eight […]

Peru creates three new Amazon protected areas

Lima, Peru – Peru has created three new protected areas in the northern Amazon territory of Loreto, covering an area of nearly 600,000 ha, roughly the size of Brunei. The new areas of protected Amazon rainforest harbor one of the highest biological and cultural diversities worldwide and comprise the Huimeki Communal Reserve, the Airo Pai […]