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Topsp a search engine powered by tweets

Topsy is a search engine provided by Twitter , it looks at the internet in a new way .   It sees the internet as a stream of conversations . Since people are connected with social network and influence each others in the websites they visit, the best way to get information about what you need is […]

Similar image search

You’ve probably seen many creative search engine ideas, searching for images only , searching for voices  , searching for kids website and so on , but have you ever seen ” Similar image search” ? i don’t think so .  If you had a picture and wanted to search for an image /video that is simmilar […]

Formula One Police Cars

Abu Dhabi Police have built the fastest police vehicle in the world. They have put together a 400 km per hour F1 car, the F999, that was unveiled to the public on Oct. 28 at a festival hosted by officers on the city’s cornice. The race car is fitted with a siren, flashing lights and […]